4 thoughts on “iPhone Still Hot for AT&T, Verizon Looms Large”

  1. > iPhone Still Hot for AT&T, Verizon Looms Large

    > However, when you just take wireless services revenues,
    > you see that AT&T’s quarter wasn’t all that hot

    So they *WERE* and also were *NOT* “hot”???

    A VERY misleading headline (again).

    1. AT&T sold a million new iphones which means the iPhone is still hot for then, But Verizon impact will be there, hence the phrase looms large. In my understanding of english language, looms large is often said of something that causes worry. I am not sure I agree with your argument that headline is misleading.

  2. I’m not sure it’s accurate to compare Q1 numbers to Q4 due to the holidays. Lots of people received smartphones as gifts. I would be interested to see how Q4 2010 compares to Q4 2009.

    1. Nick I would argue differently. A year is an eternity in the tech-business and in the smartphone business. Fact remains that there is a dip. Let’s wait for Verizon earnings and you will be able to see that for a fact.

      FYI. the Q4 2009 had 3.1 million iPhone activations at AT&T.

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