9 thoughts on “Verizon Vs. Time Warner Cable: Who Is Lying Now?”

  1. If you ask me, Verizon needs to focus less on the cable competition and more on their crappy guide menu system.

    Anyone that has Verizion FIOS knows what I am talking about. It’s slow, has poor usability, frequently pausing for a minute or longer to load the text titles and descriptions of movies (don’t tell Verizon that text compresses at a 10:1 ratio!) and, worst of all, is full of bugs. You can’t even punch in the number for a specific channel when you are scrolling through favorites!

    Absolutely horrible. Of course, being an NFL addict and not wanting DirectTV, I’m pretty much stuck with FIOS until Time Warner realizes that there’s way too many of us NFL addicts out there.

  2. Verizon is suing because they have no way to protect themselves, that is their poor attempt to stop TW from telling the people the truth.

    I am not sure how it works in other places, but in NYC,

    from my experience, if you want quality service, FAST internet connection, phone line, TV channels.
    You better choose Time Warner.
    TW Support? DONT KNOW, never had to use them, only once when i moved the cable and accidentally stapled it, technician came unstapled it, changed my cable box and remote for no charge because he thought the other one was a little slow reacting.
    As far as internet, never had 1 minute of downtime, with tw business cable, nor at home.

    Verizon, on the other hand, might have the whole city wired up with their pairs of phone lines from 1869, wrapped up in old news papers with plastic covers, have A LOT of downtown, basically… when ever it rains good, half of NYC is out of dsl/t1’s, it just goes down cause the lines get wet, or just bug engineering, or something, but it sucks.

    Fios? Sounds Great but with the bad taste you left in my mouth i rather stick to cable.
    Verizon support? Rather shoot myself then bare another moment of some Indian teenage reading a script.

    As of now, it is just the fact, that Time Warner provide a much higher quality product, service, and support.
    Anyone who denies that is someone that got something to lose due to that fact.
    Someone who had both services will not hesitate to say how much timer warner is better then verizon.
    At least in NYC.

    1. You gotta to be out of your mind saying TW is better then Verizon. Of coarse the cable company does have highier more relaible speeds than Verizon DSL but they can not compare to a 50 mbps download speed on Verizon FiOS.

      Your Quote’As of now, it is just the fact, that Time Warner provide a much higher quality product, service, and support.”

      Fact? No you idiot thats your crazy opinion.

    2. Their support is pretty good. You call and their private contractors come and fix whatever the problem is Quickly. No charge. My only problem is the wait time on the phones when trying to contact them.

  3. Recently I switched from Verzion to TimeWarner coz I was tired of Verizon bills which was very confusing and lots of hidden charges. Also verizon reps ( in most cases ) are not truthful to their customers and of course not well behaved. I was hanging with verizon for 7 years and yet nothing that I accomplished as an exclusive customer huh.
    If it goes like that, Verizon may have to lose lots of their customers,Im positive.

  4. yes verizon is just expensive and have the same features. well i have d.t.v. now but i think cable is better than verizon. i had no choice cause where i moved it wasn’t cable ready. but when the wiring is complete bye-bye VERIZON……

  5. You people have no idea what your talking about. Time warner sucks. Whats up with the channel guide going blank after 12:00am? I had to reboot my cable box just to get the guide to work. Bad weather? Forget about it. I would get these little digiatal boxes all over my screen. Verizon surpasses time warner in every way. The internet is way faster and the HD quality is much better, Best move i ever did was leaving time warner.

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