9 thoughts on “Verizon’s 3G Twins – Samsung A890 & LG VX8000”

  1. It would be a lot more trouble for Cingular if Verizon lowered its data plan prices a little. If I want to use any of these phones as EV-DO modems, it’s an extra $80/mo. on top of my regular cell phone bill. If I want unlimited data on a Treo, which is NOT EV-DO, it’s an extra $45/mo. Plus, since these don’t have Bluetooth, I would need to carry an extra cord with me to connect it to a laptop or PDA.

    Unlimited EDGE on a Bluetooth phone for $20, or unlimited EV-DO on a non-BT phone for $80? Some people will pay the premium, yes. Personally, I like Verizon, but not that much…

  2. Good points…. I have EDGE and I find that its good enough for most things except when you want to connect to the web. when a new smart phone comes with a decent enough keyboard, i think the desire to have laptop connectivity is going to drop even further, and i think VZ should promote a lower phone/PDA price point – like $30 for unlimited data or something like that.

  3. Ok, so no bluetooth. I’d like a bluetooth headset, so that’s a strike. But the argument against carrying around another cable? I don’t think it’s that valid since you’re carrying around your LAPTOP anyway, and I’m guessing you already carry five or six cables plus maybe a mouse. A small cable to connect the phone is not that big a deal in my opinion.

  4. Actually the lack of EV-DO coverage in the Bay Area in quite easily explicable: VZW suffers from a lack of available spectrum in that market. The same issues prevent us up here in Seattle from enjoyinging EV-DO as well. My guess is that the company will find a way to roll out the service in both of these markets in the next 6-12 months.

  5. Keith:

    You would think so. However, comrades of mine have been able to get an EV-DO signal here in the city, using PC cards, so I was under the impression that the network is already in place. Now, they may be doing QA, but they (Verizon) told me months ago (as in mid last year) that it was something they were working on. I’m probably just whining, but I want my EV-Do! =)


  6. $15/month for VCast!? If there are even 1000 subscribers by the end of 2005, the end of the world will certainly soon be upon us . . .

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  8. I just went through BOTH phones. Sadly, I had exhausted THREE Samsung a890’s within the last 2 months. Either the phone ‘froze up,’ or there were connection problems to V-Cast (Verizon).

    Samsung’s a great name, but they need to put some more emphasis into testing their equipment thoroughly before it hits the market!

    Verizon gave me an “even exchange” to the LG 8000, which so far, has been working fine. What the 8000 doesn’t have is the functionality to “pan” (view a close-up version) pictures on the phone, which the Samsung a890 has. Samsung’s menu interface is much friendlier than that of the LG, but the LG isn’t bad, though.

    Both phones are good, just wish the Samsung was a trouble-free phone, otherwise I’d still have it by now!

  9. I have one HUGE complaint against Verizon – none of their phones offer T9 input for email. This is such a standard feature on other phones/carriers that it boggles the mind they’re this cheap – yup. Cheap. Because you can T9 txt messages, or get a pocket PC. So much for “smart phone.”

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