3 thoughts on “Very Briefly This Morning”

  1. “…has anyone turned a profit so far on this open source thing.”

    MySQL seems to be doing well with the dual license strategy. LJ could be termed a “profit” in terms of return on investment. Some of the enterprise app companies developing their products on SF.net seem to be doing alright.

    I think the answer hinges on what you think is “open source”… GNU GPL? Then no, no one’s making any money from that.

  2. Is reducing R&D ever a good idea? That it is too high a percentage of your revenue says to me that your sales and marketing need work, not that you are spending too much on R&D . . .

  3. Yup… that’s a clear sign that some things are not working. however i think nokia is trying to tweak its business model and is a company in transition so to speak. R&D i think is a good thing. Look at Qualcomm and TI – they never cut R&D but everything else is fair game for slashing

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