4 thoughts on “Viacom buys X-Fire”

  1. My god! Who are we kidding!?!? One can argue that Facebook has a key market segment (18-24 year olds) “by the balls” so to speak–but X-Fire!? Unbelievable! Viacom probably thinks they’ve purchased a “Facebook” for gaming, with the added benefit of an IM platform. X-Fire

    X-Fire, technical faults aside, does not have 1/10 of the market segment power that Facebook has.

    Om, this isn’t a consolation prize for Viacom. Think of it as the little cookie that comes with your espresso after a 3-course meal. No real nutritional value, but a nice aftertaste…

  2. while i can’t speak about whether the valuation is accurate, i do think Viacom made a good decision to purchase X-fire. They provide a service that’s been invaluable to tens of million of gamers by allowing friends to not only see where other friends are playing but also on which server the friends are on. Then joining that friend on that particular server is as easy as clicking on a hyperlink which automatically launches the game and connects to the server listed.

    With competitive gaming on the rise, as indicated by USA Networks signing a broadcast deal with Major League gaming, coupled with all the youth oriented content that Viacom owns (MTV, VH1, Comedy Central) there is strong potential for cross-promotion and growth.

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