9 thoughts on “Viacom Attempt At Cool, FLUX”

  1. I agree that FLUX is silly.. but this image looks alot like an interview on your pompus webisodes… bloated host and all… eww you are icky..oh and when you act like Perez Hilton.. you get treated like him…big kisses…

  2. Hi Om,
    I’m the CEO for SmartHippo and I’ll be presenting at TechCrunch20 in San Francisco Sept. 17 and 18. The reason I’m contacting you is because I’d to meet with you or one of your writers who will be attending the conference.
    You can reach me at george@smarthippo.com or on my cell 514 242-5730 to set up a time.
    Thanks for your time and I hope to hear from you.

  3. What the flux! The theory is pretty good, a network of social networking sites, knitted together with a central login (I think!), it;s just the backing that is suspicious – we’re going to start needing a social network to remind us which social networks we joined and tattoos on our arms to remind us ‘why’.

    Good fluxing luck to them.

  4. we’re going to monetize them. rrrriiiiggggghhhhhtttt——does that involve restucturing DNA or anything??? please don’t touch tagworld with your $$$$$dripping minds let us evolve naturally or something besides advertized to death to pad the fat cat’s change purse…bah humbugto all this octopushy aggression.love and light jonc

  5. Can anyone explain why FLUX and/or TagWorld has frozen up so that no new members can join or be invited to join. FLUX and it’s management team is really losing face on this handling of a site that is special special to so many people.

    Wouldn’t it seem businesslike and appropriate for some “yahoo” (excuse the term) at FLUX to issue a statement to existing TagWorld members letting them know what is in the works for the future of TagWorld. Gee — it might take five minutes to do !!

    TagWorld had a very special niche in that market — but of course no advertising revenue. Existing members of TagWorld would accept some type of adv program, and maybe even help promote it.

    HELP !! Anyone?

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