8 thoughts on “Video Calling Comes to the iPhone”

  1. Didn’t Apple apply for camera under the touch screen, so you could look at the person you were vid conferencing with? I Love this, but I think ATT will be the spoiler here. My money says Apple will release this feature overseas first (ala MMS) due to the availability of their GSM networks to support it.

    1. Larry

      Just to be clear, it works only on WiFi for now so not sure if AT&T is going to be that much of a spoiler :-). Now if it was 3G compatible… that would be a different story.

  2. Fring was never a “London-based messaging startup” for it’s a pure Israeli child. No UK no Europe but Israel.

  3. I think mobile video chats is something people will want, but I wonder about bandwidth issues, and the quality of the video while moving around. Clearly this is not something you should use while driving.

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