6 thoughts on “Videora, like TiVo for Torrents”

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  2. This software could be the missing link for getting rid of analog TV. I just wish the consumer electronics manufacturers would make non-interlaced PC screens as big and cheap as TV’s of the same size. Then I’d get rid of my traditional TV’s and just use the PC for on-demand and TIVO-like viewing of what I want to watch, when and how. With a slick media box attached, I could watch anything, anywhere, anytime as long as I have my laptop and a fast internet connection. THE FUTURE IS NEARER THAN YOU THINK!!

  3. Hi everybody,
    if you are interested in downloading .torrent files using RSS feeds, you can also give a try to my own software : TvMistress -> http://darkar.free.fr/tvmistress/.
    It’s really simple to use, no need to be a computer geek to use it ;). It uses RSS v2 feeds to automatically download your favourite shows.
    Plus it has various features like show search on yahoo! and more…
    It’s free and available for Win32.
    For any questions -> darkar@free.fr.


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