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  1. Nice guideline. I would sum up the experience of working @ a startup like working at your own business. you should act as it was your own baby. You’re there because you care.}

  2. I’ll add another one if you don’t mind.
    8) Be Prepared for the Emotions
    Just like you have access to the founders on business issues, you’re going to be directly exposed to their highs and lows. Sometimes it’s the good news of a new customer or more money, and sometimes it’s the crush of rejection. Yes, they can probably handle it, but you need to be prepared to handle it as well. And, for what it’s worth, a simple “dude, we’re still here for you” is worth its weight in gold.}

  3. Good points Anuj.

    I feel that the list you started can be developed on and on. I would suggest that One of the key qualities of startup’s – is that everything is intense – everything moves fast – and this leads to what Shawn mentioned – emotions. I don’t know if you can “prepare” for this – I do believe that emotions and the questions you raised need to be an explicit part of the day-to-day process and not set aside for when there is time – there never is!

    I also feel that your side-comment “sorry startups typically don’t have managers” is worthy of an extensive discussion. I just added an idea on this from my current experience in a different perspective: http://www.foundread.com/idea/view/11528}

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