6 thoughts on “Vint Cerf loves BitTorrent”

  1. The newspaper article does not make it clear which aspects of VoIP regulation Cerf is talking about. There are regulations about interconnection, social fees, consumer protoection/rights. It will be good to know whether he is lumping all together or not.

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  3. I think bittorrent or something based on it is the way to make an all internet version of NetFlix work.

  4. Well, we’re certainly making a bet on it. We’ve developed an infrastructure that we think can share tens of thousands of files using BitTorrent.

    The fundemental issue is that sites are straining at the seams now trying to deliver simple text, such as RSS feeds. How can there be a “instapundit” of the video or podcasting world without something like BT underneath to share the load.

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