45 thoughts on “Virgin Goes Viral Video to Make Its Case”

  1. Agreed that it looks like a sweet ride, especially by our lowered and re-lowered standards for coach.

    But I’m really not sure how much this will help them get off the ground. The Department of Transportation rejected their application because of their ownership structure, not their inflight entertainment systems. See post here:

  2. Dude…I live in Australia…the country that Virgin comes from…and We don’t even have all that…the Virgin international planes aren’t even that god damn nice.

    I’d be behind them if I was in America…I’d kill for in-flight gaming and not having to say a word to those ditzy flight attendants.

  3. I can see why some restrictions on foreign ownership of airlines used to be helpful–it kept gobs of profit from going overseas, it kept state-sponsored airlines from taking over, it allowed the airline industry to grow.

    But with a severe minority of airlines actually making money (so most of the money would stay in the US due to cost per mile), very little actual competition (and less competition in the future), and Virgin being privately owned, I see very little harm they could do to the US market.

    This would improve competition and features for travelers, while cross-promoting Virgin associated music and video IP.

    DOT could even work with the state dept to work out offsets against profits by bringing Airbus plants & maintenance work into the US. (Which would provide Boeing real competitive pressures…and is exactly why this’ll never happen)

  4. Close to heaven, pun intended. This is a computer junkie’s dream, eases business work and just increases fun all around. With so much entertainment and functionality in each seat, what else could a passenger wish for? Unless they have yet to join the Mile HIgh Club of course.

  5. Wow. If only New Zealand, or, any country had planes like that.
    The worst thing about flying? Being bored out of your skull watching a really crap movie with little kids yelling and screaming. This plane will shut them up too.

    It is the perfect solution to boring air travel 🙂

  6. Actually, I think the Ausie is referring to Virgin Blue, which is Virgin’s discount carrier operations in Australia. Virgin Blue is the template for Virgin America – so the idea does come from AU.

    However, the main Virgin Atlantic airline is based in the UK.

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