4 thoughts on “Virident Makes Flash Memory Go Green”

  1. Actually, my impression is that Virident’s technology can’t use “vanilla Flash” because vanilla flash (especially NAND) can’t do a good enough DRAM impression – it requires Spansion’s MirrorBit technology.

    Dameon – note that there are many different kinds of flash with different characteristics (SLC NOR, MLC NOR, SLC NAND, MLC NAND, etc). NOR memory has much better endurance than NAND (typically > 100K cycles) and much smaller block size. There are various solutions to the flash write endurance (and speed) problem – I’d like see what Virident’s solution is.

  2. It’s NOR, as the Virident folks told me. I wonder what’s the percentage of power is being used by RAM in a typical computer system though. I imagine it to be much smaller than CPU and hard drives. Remember their special memory controller uses additional power as well.

    They’re in a weird cost/benefit space.

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