9 thoughts on “Vista Pauses FOX video on demand”

  1. Yeah I have the same problem, in Firefox and IE, there frankly is no reason for Fox on demand to stop working, it’s just flash video. Oh well, they decided to do it for some reason.

  2. yeah, abc.com isn’t compatable either. Do they think that Vista is so good that it can steal video? ABC.com started allowing it, but then they stopped for some reason! So freaking annoying.

  3. ABC.com still works. They just updated their video player and Vista users are required to use their old player. Fox has yet to solve their problems which is really starting to get to me. I wish they would make them availible on an alternate site that is Vista compliant ie. youtube or something similer. I would reallylike to see Drive but missed the first two episodes and you all know how frustraiting it is to start watching a show when you don’t know the basis. Come on FOX! What’s up?!

  4. Just run Firefox in XP SP2 Compatibility Mode and it fools it into working.. don’t blame Vista, because it works just fine for me this way!

  5. Going through the same Fox Video/Vista issue. It sucks. I really like Vista, though. My 3 GHz P4 with 1 GB ram runs incredibly quicker with Vista compared to XP. This is a FOX issue.

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