20 thoughts on “Is Vodafone's Station Future of Fixed Mobile Convergence?”

  1. Om,

    I’ve expected this transition for some time. In fact, the Vodafone Station is a different solution to the same problem of indoor reception being addressed by the likes of IP.Access and Ubiquisys with their femtocell solutions. I think the evolution to broadband wireless indoors combined with broadband wireless outdoors (wimax and LTE) presents HUGE opportunities for increasing ARPU for wireless carriers. Conversely (sp?), I think the cable operators are in deep trouble given the pending fixed mobile convergence.

    Great post and exciting times in wireless.

  2. @ Curtis

    I could not agree more. I think we are beginning to see some interesting things happen in Wireless and we are going to see more such devices. Hopefully we will be able to talk about this in our forthcoming conference, Mobilize in August 08

  3. It will work well with Indian conditions. BSNL is providing similar service on their fixed landline phones – A ADSL/DSL modem with wifi connectivity with a poor starter plan..

  4. Om,

    Just a clarification, this is not a femtocell product like ip.Access or Ubiquisys. Femtocells use a local UMTS/HSPA radio to make a 3G mobile phone work better indoors. Femtos use the fixed network (DSL) for WAN/backhaul.

    The Vodafone Station is using the HSPA radio for a WAN connection. This is really to make Vodafone’s HSPA laptop data service work better for subscribers when they are at home. It uses Wi-Fi as the local radio, not HSPA.

    The Station is an interesting box, but it isn’t a femtocell.

  5. In many European countries Vodafone has to pass via local fixed lines of others, something which makes an FMC box a not-so-attractive proposition as it involves double billing. Here in Greece OTE starts to produce some results combining its fixed, Internet and 3G ssrvices but it is still early to say how well it works.
    What we are seriously lacking is serious data contracts. Currently Vodafone tops out at 5GB per month, not very good for many users and much worse than competitors Wind and Cosmote. With all the mobile devices coming out very very soon it is good wireless we need more than anything else.

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