3 thoughts on “VoiceGlo hooks-up with Friendster”

  1. Ah, you missed out on the best part of this story… Voiceglo is the company that was formerly called TheGlobe.com. You remember, the company that never actually did anything, but had the largest single day IPO pop when it went from $9 to $90 at opening, reigniting the IPO boom at the end of 1998 (people forget that prior to the Earthweb IPO a few days earlier, the IPO market was DEAD).

    In other words, this is the hype of 98 doing a deal with the hype of 03.

    Next thing you know they’ll spot Jonathan Abrams chanting “Got the girl. Got the money. Now I’m ready to live a disgusting, frivolous life.” (see: http://www.gawker.com/topic/dot-com-bubble-lest-we-forget-015947.php)

  2. I activated the premium plan the other day. It hasn’t worked yet. I have sent emails to ask for help and information, but I haven’t got any response from glophone. I also called it and a machine answered that it’s not working time. But it is glophone working hour based on information on its website. Its customer service is really terrible. So I sent it a cancellation email, but again, I haven’t got any response back. Hopefully I get all my money back. If anyone want to try applying for its service, please DON’T try it. I’m really upset from not be able to contact any damn human working there.

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