2 thoughts on “VoIP Growth Hypothesis”

  1. Until COMCAST and COX and TimeWarner Roadrunner say its BLASTOFF time for voip, it aint happenning! WHEN and IF Cox and COMCAST commit VOIP TROOPS to the fight, well, all you ”’analysts” and EXPERTS are going to be proven WRONG when and IF COMCAST commits FORCES to the HUNT for Weapons of MASS DIALING!!!!! VOIP WMD’s are coming in early 2005 to COMCAST-37,000 service trucks ARMORED with VOIP REVENUE SEEKING ROCKETS will make 2005 the VOIP WMD Hunt for Skibare RBOC Apocolypse PICNIC!

    and IF COMCAST is truly using Level3, OH SHITTTTT says Fulcrum SHORT 108 Million shares!


  2. Who cares if it takes off or not.

    The question is can anybody make any money.

    The growth in actual telephony usage is fairly, but if the market gets hit with a tsunami of VoIP players, the damage will be done, and the profits will be gone.

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