2 thoughts on “VoIP: Honeymoon is over”

  1. I agree OM, Vonage “”IS”” Voip sadly and yet Vonage chooses to patchwork their network together instead of riding the QUALITY of SERVICE Network of Level3 EXCLUSIVELY………

    wonder WHY my Packet8 is always 100% UP and Running????
    Wonder WHY my Packet8 is always toll quality CLEAR CALL??

    once consumers start looking around at OPTIONS in Voice, I am sure the Packet8’s of the world will get more customers! AND, since COMCAST is about to bust out of the 800# Gorilla Cage INTO VOIP, who really cares about a crappy network like Vonage has anyway????????

    VONAGE, “”””CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW”””””?????? GOOD!


    you RIDE Level3 EXCLUSIVELY or you get a crappy network………YOUR CHOICE!!!

  2. Keith,

    Level3 is just one of the managed networks that one needs to look at. AT&T and Broadwing both are every bit as good as Level3, and while I hold shares in Level3, I don’t think of them as the only game in town.

    It’s about peering. One hop to whose network from your cable or DSL provider’s NOC is what counts.


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