6 thoughts on “VoIP is killing Deutsche Telekom”

  1. As a consumer, I say let the price wars begin. It’s going to cause a lot of disruption to both the traditional and the current VOIP marketplace. In the long run, consumers will win, massive corporations will be created and we will experience the telephone in a radically different way. VOIP allows for so much more then voice. Consumers in the US will eventually wise up to Skype and other discount offerings and it will put huge pressure on all the telecoms. This is the next gold rush.

  2. I guess this is one reason they have no money for T-Mobile USA. I wonder how much they pay CZJ? That money might be better spent on cell sites, as she is a bit old/irrelevant for their target demo. Not that I don’t like to look at her . . .

  3. Its interesting, in the late 90’s/early 2000s, long haul network fiber destroyed the margins in the long distance business. It appears that the mid-late 2000s will see broadband to the home destroy the margins in the local market.

    I can assure you that many start-ups never thought they’d see the day when RBOCs would actually have to innovate to remain relevant. It’s a long time coming…

  4. AP,

    Irony of it all is that we will see over next few years a rapid shuffling of ever shrinking deck of dollars. I am not sure when it all ends, but just look at the airline market. it is a good indicator of how things are going to play out.

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