3 thoughts on “VoIP shake out is coming”

  1. Once dual-mode cellular handsets become common, the bottom for the consumer VoIP market will really drop out then.

  2. At $20 month, the price war already happened. There are services for $9.99/month for outgoing calls and free voip2voip calls. And there are some at $14.99 with a e.164 number, voicemail, bucket of USA+ Canada minutes, and free voip2voip. That seems pretty low. Can it make money? Sure if you keep overhead low, keep the T&C’s fiscally reasonable and have an existing cash cow business to fund the growth 🙂

  3. I think the prices could be headed lower – 14.95 for unlimited and then $10 a month. this is going to get painful for those who are just selling voice. the bundle guys ae eventually going to win out in this one. or so it seems

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