4 thoughts on “VoIP Unlimited is Really Limited”

  1. I don’t think people would have a problem with *clearly spelled-out* terms for what is the limit of minutes used; it’s the term “unlimited” which has a definite meaning to everybody (i.e., without limits), that really isn’t unlimited, which has people mad.

  2. i could not agree more with you on this. i think that’s the problem these guys try and do. anyway hopefully others are more honest and upfront in their dealings

  3. If somebody is trying to do a residential line replacement, then 1,150 minutes is too low for a limit.

    The fear that exists is that a small number of consumers will end up costing the provider a significant amount of money through excessive consumption. These users tend to show up first because they are shopping around for the best deal for their situation. This leads to behavior to attack the heavy user at the cost/risk of annoying your good customers. If you grow large enough, though, you can virtually eliminate the heavy communication user effect through averaging.

    Of course, they will still light up your fraud/abuser alarm board.

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