4 thoughts on “VoIP’s e911 Call for help”

  1. VoIP is where DSL was back in 1999. RBOCs telling people “Go become a CLEC and then come back to talk to us”. It’s standard RBOC operating procedure and diversionary stalling tactic since becoming a CLEC requires significant money, time, lawyers, etc to pull off. The RBOCs might as well have told Vonage to go get elected the next Pope.

  2. My own experience in trying do E911 on wireless networks is that PSAPs can be a pain to deal with. They each have their own esoteric processes and often do not have the necessary equipment in place on their end, even while demanding that the carriers upgrade their networks. I have dealt with Rhode Island and you can get things done with them, but only if you play exactly by their rules. New England is nice in that there are few PSAPs. States like PA and NY that have one for every county (and they have lots of counties), life sucks . . .

  3. interesting but take a look at what vonage is offering in the UK. access to the emergency services when you dial 999.
    and it is also all over their website that there are limitations. you have to be blind, stupid or ignorant (perhaps these describe texas officials) to miss the warnings.

  4. clearly this is a politically motivated suit. everyone is playing the blame game here, but still i think the burden of proof sadly is going to fall on disruptors and in this case it is vonage. i guess we will see more of these issues crop up in months and years to come

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