4 thoughts on “Vonage, blocked again”

  1. Not according to FCC reps and the Chairman. It was asked of them at VON. They said that blocking is illegal only if it is done as part of an anti-competitive measure. Looks like there are lots of subjective matters here.

    By the way, the consent decree is based on common carrier regulation, it will be interesting to see how FCC handles the cable service provider.

  2. When is the blocking anti-competitive? If the ISP is offering a voice service?

    Wouldn’t an ISP consider blocking VoIP then until they had a voice service available, preventing a player like Vonage from gaining traction in their region?

  3. I think it would be interesting to see how the FCC comes down on this in the long term. what happens when network owners start to deprioritze the vonage traffic and boost the quality of their own voip.

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