14 thoughts on “Now Vonage Will Also Sell Broadband”

  1. If it were not for the frivolous lawsuits by Verizon and others trying to strangle with stupid patents, Vonage would have earned even more. If they offer good broad band speeds, many will switch in a hurry.

  2. How’s Earthlink doing reselling broadband? Why do think this FVNO will turn out any better than the recent MVNO flame outs? Wouldn’t Vonage be better off to start with a simpler QoS deal with Covad, that didn’t require Vonage to bill and support low-margin dsl service?

  3. A resale (Covad) of a resale (incumbent copper)? Seems like a low margin endeavor fraught with service quality issues.

  4. @ Tom and @Partike,

    While I agree with you, I think this is a good move for Vonage needs to shore up its customer base. The subscriber base is going to plateau. the new additions are slowing down. Maybe DSL helps convince others to sign-up?

  5. On the bright side you eliminate the finger pointing when trouble shooting. Instead staying on hold for 20 minutes with Vonage and then having them tell you it’s your broadband connection, then calling Covad and staying on hold for 20 minutes, and having them tell you it’s your VoIP provider. Vonage will probably just put you on hold forever why they try to figure it out.

    To be fair I only used Vonage as a pilot project for a few months several years ago. My experience with their customer service was dreadful, that may have changed in the last couple of years.

  6. Om, agree with your plateau concern. Applying your brand to a resale of resale with no control of the service quality is daft. Vonage may be better off focusing on improving the voice calling experience. Being standards-based, it should have an advantage over Skype, but it has never tried to go this direction.

    Vonage has a similar problem to Tivo. It requires a facilities operator, which competes against it with a bundled product. Tivo’s long-term hope is to provide a branded experience on top of the MSO STB. Maybe Vonage could try a similar approach. The conversion to IMS/PCMM2 would seem to favor Vonage, if they could come to a business arrangement. If Tivo can work with Comcast, why couldn’t Vonage.

  7. I think it’s a great move to combine the two, although I have never been a fan of Cobad, but maybe they have improved in recent years.

  8. It will definitely be convenient. I live in NJ and have had Vonage service for over a year. Honestly i haven’t had a problem. No countless calls arguing with customer service regarding billing mistakes – unknown charges. On the other hand I had Verizon for a year and i regret having switched over in 2007, since i lost a lot of money with them and can’t seem to stop receiving bills from them when i have already paid my balance. Vonage works better with Comcast than it ever did with Verizon broadband (I was always calling Vonage every time Verizon decided to update the system, because I would be left with no phone service). So having the convenience of Vonage phone service and broadband at a fraction of the price and with outstanding customer service, is great. I will never go back to Verizon and their deceptive ways of business.

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