7 thoughts on “Vonage IPO Questioned”

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  2. Dear NEA,

    Carlos Bhola was correct after all.

    Without significant MSO or wireless industry partners, Vonage could never achieve anything more compelling than a one hit wonder.

    An iconic consumer brand like Coke, AT&T or McDonalds is built and sustained by hundreds of millions spent each year in marketing and advertising. It is the pinicle of irony for Vonage, having bet the farm on nuicence banner ads, that Skype, spurred on singularly by word-of-mouth and zero customer-care reached such heavenly valuations.

    Having shunned the “powered by” business plan after Bhola’s departure, Vonage ineffectively deployed precious capital marketing to fickle, cost-conscious, endlessly churning, mobile phone toting consumer markets. Standing in stark contrast to the Datek model of delivering low cost, high-volume trades to a greedy, stock consuming public enamered by a rising market, Vonage thought it could repeat success on a faulty premise.

    My predicition is that a Vonage IPO will even have difficulty rising above $10 per share at opening.


  3. After reading “Dave’s” post we all NOW know that Dave is really aka: Carlos Bhola himself. It’s the writing style that gave you away… sounds like sour grapes and jealousy. I’m just surprised you didn’t use the word “maniacal” or the phrase “the cacophony of silence is astounding”
    Get a life!!

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