7 thoughts on “Vonage is being blocked?”

  1. Lawrence Lessig did warn about this in his book “Code And Other Laws of Cyberspace”. Companies are breaking the end-to-end semantics of the Internet for their own benefit.

  2. Of course the other option is for SBC customers to not switch Vongae — but instead switch to another IP service provider like cable or wireless service providers.

  3. Don’t be so sure that having to label one’s service restricted would be a disincentive. This can easly be spun into a positive by claiming “we only give you the good/safe parts of the internet.” Indeed almost all of the advertising I see from Verizon, AOL, Netscape, and others talks about how they are doing more to keep their members safe. To legitimize blocking outside VoIP all one has to do is claim it is being done to improve security.

  4. As more and more ISPs get into providing their own voip services this is bound to happen. And to me it’s simply anti-competitive! Full Stop!

    Unless it’s security-related (and I’m sure that’s an argument they’ll eventually put up) traffic of all kinds should be allowed.

    I would be fuming if I were a customer at a particular ISP and decided to use and sign up with a third-party voip provider only to have a second-rate disruptive service – all because my ISP wanted voip all for itself.

    The FCC should crack down hard on this.

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