2 thoughts on “Vonage slowing down?”

  1. A few weeks ago I got a call from a Vonage “customer service” rep — she thanked me for being a customer and offered a free 2nd line…free for two months, after which I had to call them if I wanted to cancel. Considering the horror stories I’ve read from people trying to cancel their Vonage account, this offer is neither generous nor does it make me feel like a valued customer.

    Vonage is not alone — other companies make sales calls under the guise of “we want to thank you for being a customer.” Hey dirtballs, do you honestly think the majority of your customers won’t see through a thinly veiled offer? And have you considered the effects of the negative feelings these activities foster among your existing customer base?

    Unless, of course, you’re not meeting your revenue targets and are willing to try anyth…ok, never mind.

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