3 thoughts on “Vonage’s WiFi phone coming?”

  1. I’ve been horsing around with the Zyxel WiFi phone and have it configured to work with my Vonage softphone account.

    As I reported on my blog, getting it to work took some effort.

    1) It would not work with either of my two Microsoft 802.11b/g gateways/access point in either router or access point modes, or in mixed b/g mode. Why would I want to turn a b/g into only a b mode system, but I have a feeling it would have worked.

    2) It would not work with my new Netgear travel router..a bug bummer since that was going to be a wonderful solution for my road trips.

    3) I got it to work with my SMC 802.11b router without a problem.

    4) It would not work with at a local coffee shop that offers free WiFi but lousy cell service. Seems the b/g blended delivery of WiFi is not friendly there either.

    5) I went out and bought new Linksys 802.11 b/g, non speed boost, hardware. A Router for downstairs and an access point for the upper level. I also added in a wireless print server (one that actually worked) from Linksys. The phone works perfectly.

    So, here’s the rub. Chipset compatability. It seems standard isn’t standard, just an interpretation of it.

    I can call you if you want to hear how it sounds sometime.



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