5 thoughts on “Voom vanishing into the blue”

  1. I’ve never understood why Dolan was so hot on this business. He’s a really smart guy, but this whole adverture just looked crazy. I think satellite’s going to have some issues once more data starts moving over IP and on-demand. Having one-way birds (essentially) is going to be a expensive (and time consuming) to fix.

  2. I just had Voom installed in my house 4/06/05 and had my Directv service cancelled and had swapped out my equipment and I was just now starting to enjoy Voom when I found out that they were shutting down. Now I have to go through all the trouble of reconnecting my Directv, if possible. I also went out Saturday and bought a 57″ HDTV because of the Voom and now look what happens. No sooner than I install Voom it is going out of business. I now feel stupid for ever leaving Directv and probably never will again. The people at Voom promised alot of things to get people to subscribe and now here are alot of people who invested their hard earned money into equipment that is now worthless. What a Joke.

  3. Joseph

    i feel for you. i am so sorry to hear this – this is just crummy since the news of this shut down has been public for sometime. maybe it is time for you to go to the better business bureau or take legal recourse against the company.

  4. The right thing at almost the wrong time. Voom was a superior service. As every HDTV owner now painfully knows, everyone else offers very little HD content. For the few of us who experienced it all last year, Voom will be painfully missed.

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