One thought on “VoWiFi is Hot Or Not”

  1. Not sure I agree with the sentiments here.I have a feeling that VoWi/Fi is set to take off, and by early next year, if not late this year.

    I spend a lot of time investigating this industry, and it seems to me a ;arge number of suppliers are about to hit the market with a large number of devices….!

    If you think of home, then you can say the voice is free, as the broadband has already been purchased to browse the Internet. If you then look at how people actually use mobile phones, (believe it or not the highest % is static – in your office, home, or shopping centre. Only rarely is it actually used on the move) then it is possible to see that these devices are needed AS WELL AS mobile phones, but potentially replacements.

    Several items need to happen for this to become reality, not least being able to call such a device even if you are not part of its community (as far as I am aware you cannot call into Skype for instance), for deeper penertration of hotspots, for sensible tarrifing, and for roaming from one provider to another without the need to log onto the network.

    All these things are being addressed. I thnk 3G has a real problem on its hands – but only time will tell who is right or wrong.


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