11 thoughts on “Attention Wal-Mart customers, Skype now in aisle voice”

  1. Hey Om,

    It’s 4:14am in Bentonville, Arkansas. I’m curious as to when this news was released. Also, are there any details on the specs of the devices?


  2. I wonder how much of a difference this will make to the growth of Skype. I’ve seen Skype phones in my local Wal-Mart (and bought one) for more than a year now, so Skype may not get much more from this deal.

  3. Interesting…

    One problem I see right now is that most consumers aren’t technologically inclined enough to mess around with such hardware. It’s far easier for them to simply plug in a $9.99 phone into their existing phone line, fed by their $19.99/mo cable-provided VoIP.

    If the Skype hardware process is cheap and easy enough, then I could see people switching – $2.49/mo, who can beat that?

  4. I like it!

    The big phone companies have been gouging us for years.

    Between mobile service costs and long distance they have made too much money.

    And I used to work for a few of them, so I have really seen it…

  5. The only thing keeping me from switching to Skype right now is the lack of 911 service, and to a lesser extent, lack of number portability. Otherwise, their value proposition is awesome, compared to other VoIP service providers!

  6. This is huge for Skype. They want a piece of the long distance pie. I think because they don’t offer internet access they are better off w/o 911 service. Too much headache.

  7. I think if they are going to appeal to the Walmart demographic they need to start doing some cross promotions with Nascar or better yet, American Idol. Shelf space alone I don’t think will translate into meaningful sales for Skype via this channel.

    They should have an American Idol skinned version of Skype, downloadable on the American Idol website, where they automatically populate the call-in numbers for the contestants in the Skype buddy list each week, so it’s a 1 click call for he millions of people who watch that show.

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