25 thoughts on “Want Microsoft Office Web? Don't Hold Your Breath”

  1. Microsoft keeping the Office Web Apps in their shells for a big release beta to the community by fall of 2009. I’ve seen some videos (http://bit.ly/p677Q
    and) around Office 2010. amazing and WoooW. watch for some Wooow annoucements @ #WPC09. B(r)ing it on… Microsoft.

  2. Where is the objective reporting? You heard from a guy, who heard from a guy, who read something somewhere on the internet?

    1. Clearly you need to read: it was one of our team of reporters who reached out to Microsoft’s PR team. Clearly very hard for you to understand what is written plainly for you to follow.

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  4. Om, MSFT never mentioned that they were going to release TP of Office web today. Stop your biased analysis.

    What did MS do to you in the past for you to be soooooooooooooo biased? šŸ™‚

      1. Om, it’s not just this report. Most of your reporting on MS is stacked against them. I am just calling you out on that.

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  6. So Google it seems have nothing to worry about if Microsoft’s vaporware got less buzz than the Google OS announcement which is also vaporware .

  7. So i guess till MS web apps come out, its purely castles in the air. I would be interested to know if Office web apps work with third part collaborative environments, like HyperOffice. It’d be a disappointment if it integrates only with SharePoint.

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