7 thoughts on “Watch what Apple's OS update did to one network's traffic”

  1. You know, about the “precipitous drop,” it seems to me that people have to remember the fundamental Wall Street game: the big boys make money on the vig. Of course everyone knows that Apple estimates are low. But the Wall Street estimates are high. Why? Well, before the shoe drops, create a buying frenzy with high estimates. Some people were probably shorting Apple. Then, when the company misses your “estimates,” you do your best to start a selling panic. Dump at the high, collect the short bet, and let the yokels flee, to be gathered again with the next high estimate.

    1. Impossible! There are strict rules that prevent the analysts from talking to the investors. However, if they did, and they got caught, they’d get a firm slap on the wrists. Just like in the LIBOR scandal. Hahaha.

      Anyone who thinks this game isn’t rigged is going to lose money, it’s very simple.

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