38 thoughts on “We Have a New CEO!”

  1. This is wonderful news for the entire GigaOm team. All of us at True have been extremely impressed with Paul’s talent, experience and vision this past year, and we think he will be an exceptional leader for all of us at GigaOm.

    Well done Om.

    Congratulations Paul!

    Jon Callaghan

  2. Congrats to Paul and the GigaOm team!

    It has been a great pleasure to watch your company grow, and we wish you much success in the future. We look forward to the upcoming networking and industry events, and collaborating on future projects.

    The VoloMedia Team

  3. Congratulations OM for this smooth transitioning of role, and Paul for
    the getting new Role.

    Just wondering, if it has anything to do with your recent health Issues. (I don’t think you have been taking it slow lately :-))
    I have often heard that the founders are not always the best CEO. Founders fit the role for those initial years where everything is so
    Uncertain. Once the startup is off the hook, getting a dedicated CEO makes lot more sense so that founders can focus on new initiatives. I’m hoping the latter is true and if so- are we gone see lot of new initiatives with gigaom.
    On a side note, hope you guys don’t loose the power of blogging in the
    dream of becoming a media company. Lately, it seems like niche blogs are going mainstream media or getting bought over by mainstream media.

  4. OM,
    Having a COO who can execute is awesome and having them be the CEO is better.

    Congrats. More importantly a healthy outcome for you and most likely lucrative for the team. Last time I checked the CEO reports to the Chairman 🙂

    Seriously congrats

  5. Hi Om , First let me congratulate Paul for his promotion. I then have to ask you something. You are no longer the CEO. So your responsibilities should have reduced. You also look a lot fitter. So when can we see you again in the GigaOM Show on Rev3? Seriously it was my favorite Rev3 show. So please start after you have completed Mobilize conference. Best of Luck.

  6. @all Thanks for your kind words.

    @omfut, nope we are not planning to lose anything – in fact we are getting ready to double down and make things more fun for all, not to mention you the readers.

    @john, you know it brother 😉

    @Richard, thank you for being part of that industry that needs more people like you and Paul.

    @Siddy Boy, funny you should ask. I am sitting down with Rev3 to re-invent the show and bring it back real soon. I want to do things a little differently that I had been doing. Stay tuned for more details.

  7. Congratulations Om and Paul. I hope your world domination plans come to fruition and you obsolete companies like CMP/UBM.

  8. Congratulations Paul you deserve it!!! Those who shared the opportunity of working with you in the past know how hard is been. Keep moving!!!

    Thanks for the experience!!!


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