2 thoughts on “Web Worker Daily Interviews GTD author David Allen, Part One on Health & Stress”

  1. OM,

    First, I hope that you’re doing well and we love to see you back on the show. It’s a great show to watch so please keep it going. I’m working in financial sector and we do get beat up lot of time when we don’t keep our financial institutional clients happy. My job is very stressful and I’ve to make sure that my team of engineers on top of everything to avoid any glitches. I love my job and I get too involved and sometime I forget that I’m human. I need to take care of myself or I’m going to have major health issues. I read the article which you submitted today and it gave me enormous wake up call. I need to get on the track again because I don’t want my family dialing 9-1-1. Thanks again OM sharing your experience and concerns with us. Do me favor OM please get well soon……


    Morpheus @ grooveTEK Music

  2. Om,

    Personally, I feel like you ought NOT to stress about being judged/commented.

    The beauty of what you’re doing is that your informed personal opinion is the reason we arrive at your blog, and woe be to she/he who takes everything you say as being the gospel.

    Your personal touch, your personal biases, your subjectivity, your objectivity, YOUR perspectives…these are the reasons we show up. We understand that you’re not perfect, and I’m sure you see plenty of points of disagreement, discussion, debate, and what not.

    So I know that you’re back and almost ready to start kickin’ butt again, but I urge you..please stay stress-free, relax, and spread the word: the blogosphere is not meant to be the same as the cubicle-o-sphere.

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