8 thoughts on “WebWorkerDaily Refreshed”

  1. Hi Om and Crew,

    I think the forums are a wonderful idea for this type of website. I noticed a couple of things about them though. The layout of the forum pages seemed to be a little quirky for me. I tested it on my apple using firefox 2.0 and safari 2.0.4. In the opening main page of the forum, the sidebar that contains the sponsors, subscribe, pages, recent posts, and recent comments headers shows up down below the forum in the middle of the content area as opposed to at the right side. Also, sometimes with the forum, the content area widens past the width of the header and footer. The masthead information does not seem to be updated on all pages as well. Just little, non invasive things about the design that I wasn’t sure if you were aware of.

    Great content and great website overall,


  2. Not to disrespect the site, which has great stuff, but often the forums are a better source of information than the site itself. Sometimes it’s a case where someone perfectlysolves a problem or suggests a perfect product that wouldn’t normally be part of the content of the site. Hive Wisdom.

  3. With no (well, very little…) disrespect to Om and Anne, allow me to share that “WebWorker Daily” in my demented(?) mind immediatly morphed into SexWorker Daily.

    That, Mr. Om Malik, would make you some REAL money.
    -ron k jeffries

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