18 thoughts on “Weekend Choice: A-Rod or Jeter?”

  1. A-Rod = eBay … does good things, but seems to worry too much about how he’s perceived… drives him make odd choices and has problems with his teammates and local fan base.

    Jeter = Google… a leader, does things that others can’t do at the times they’re most needed, has a certain mystique about him, you either love him or you hate him.

  2. Brian, eBay and Google are not exactly start-ups. Nevertheless, good example, though I would say Yahoo instead of eBay.

    Because eBay does really screw up at times. Skype!

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  4. AROD = Friendster
    Had all the potential to rule the world but folded under pressure. Now all you get are excuses and the only thing that matters is that they didn’t win.

    Jeter = Facebook
    Slick. Everything comes naturally. Some amazing features. Even though it doesn’t have the best stats its who you would want to build around.

  5. Jeter-he comes through when it matters the most. A-Rod has failed to do anything to impress me since he came to the Yankees. A-Rod the best hitter, I really wish someone would give the statistics of A-rod getting a hit when it actually mattered (since becoming a Yankee)? I’m not saying he hasn’t but I would like an average. I mean he went 1-14 in the post season or something like that so how is he such a great hitter? I would really like someone to do a statistic on that even in the regular seaosn with guys in scoring position and we need a hit to win, what his average in those situations? Does anyone know?

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