6 thoughts on “Weekend Reader: Microsoft, Vyke, Snocap & Innovation”

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  2. re: Innovator –

    I totally agree, we have to realize what people want. but then the if you look at world market,there will always be people who would like yous product. Nokia failed in US but it’s huge in India. Hyundai failed in US but it’s huge in India.
    So I guess if one has a product, a good strategy may be to see which market is more suitable for it.

  3. I hope Microsoft improves on their lousy operating system. I can’t even get my home network running, so I’m not giving them my phone business.

  4. if innovation is related to convince than it works wonders as people dont like changes i.e. the art of innovation is creating enough comfort for audience to not to let think them about subtle changes, which are taking place in background!

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