12 thoughts on “Weekend Video: The Sixth Sense of Computing”

  1. This is truly the future of portable information, getting away from the device and focusing in on the content, it looks simple (but of course it is not) Thank you Om for the post, Steve.

  2. Om,
    First of all , Thanks.
    Its was indeed great stuff.
    The guy is smart and humble.
    Which is the formula for success. I hope the open source will help improvise the technology.
    Please share similar interesting tech videos.

  3. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing SixthSense showcased at this year’s MIT EmTech conference. Probably the most inspired (and inspiring) effort that I’ve seen toward taking the web out of devices and into the world at large.

    If anyone is interested, we actually posted our thoughts on SixthSense last night, at Latitude Research’s Life-Connected blog: http://ff.im/-cc0gM

    Thanks, Om, for showcasing a really wonderful technology.

  4. I linked to the video at my personal site, this morning, Om – giving credit to a certain Mr. Malik.

    The bloody piece is so interesting, my wife was late getting out the door to her own IS gig – we got so involved discussing these uses of technology.

    Thanks much.

  5. Incredible, I think the device would change how the way we interact with world of data. Yeah, the physical world and world of data are different each other, but it’d can be merged some day.

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