29 thoughts on “What Are GModules?”

  1. Wild-ass guess: plug-in blocks that can be used on Google Pages (or any web page?) and can talk to Google Base and other google services (similar to Google Adsense ad blocks)??

  2. They are probably the kind of modules one could use to add functionality to whatever site, by invoking methods (uhm , processes) on various Google services that provide an API for this kind of operation.

  3. IIRC, the gmodules domain provides the services used by the Google Personalized Homepage modules. When I was fooling around with them at one point, I had to get API keys for the “gmodules” domain for certain things to work.

  4. Did you have time to catch an eye on Webwag ?

    Webwag will soon mix a great feature: Search on MY web and on THE web, all in one click from my personalized page.

    Launch by an ex early Googler, Webwag is in private beta for one week now. Go to http://www.beta.webwag.com, leave your email adresss to receive the loggin/password for the invitation. If you want to be part of the first webwager testers.

    And the early Googler executive, well, this is me 😉

    Franck Poisson

  5. They did the same thing with GBuy, but then changed their mind and decided to call it Google Checkout. I wonder if they will do the same with GModules.

    It makes sense. Google is the brand and by using just the G you lose the brand.

  6. Google have registered some much weirder domains lately.
    Check out these ones.


  7. Much as I liked reading the speculation about gmodules, the fact is its a remnant of the google gadget project, which lets you add (and develop) modules for the personalized homepage as well as Google Desktop. Its clear from the note on the Google Gadgets API documentation:

    Gadgets were formerly called modules, which is why the word “Module” appears throughout the API.

  8. Since the beginning, Google uses gmodules.com as the domain to store widgets for the Google Personalized Homepage available at google.com/ig (the reason being, I assume, to prevent cross-site scripting abuse from widget developers). In the meantime, Google tried to rebrand “modules” to “gadgets”, but this change doesn’t reflect everywhere yet. GoogleModules.com on the other hand is a domain owned by Alex Ksikes and me 🙂

  9. So are gadgets and modules really the same? one ends on .gg and the other on .xml … and gg seems to be binary … would be great if i could use gadgets as modules 😉

  10. SO a different take on this would be that if I wanted to block the use of google gadgets on my compnay websites I can block url hostnames containing “gmodules.com”?

  11. It seems these GModules are being used quite a bit on YouTube lately to artificially inflate a video’s view numbers. Some videos have all 5 links counting in the thousands with 5 distinct numerals of course in front of dot gmodule.

  12. G-module is a vector space satisfies some conditions over some field F and a group G. ( abstract algebra/ mathematics )

  13. i think is that when you log into a the Internet and igoogle starts and transfer your personalized thing to your igoogle.

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