15 thoughts on “What do Yelp and Twitter have in common?”

  1. Little typo on paragraph #5: “Dave and talked about Yelp” should be “Dave and I talked about Yelp”. Great article otherwise!

  2. Excellent article, Om. It’s a great counterpoint to Internet companies’ public personae of utopianism, i.e. the “we’re going to change the world and not be evil about it” speeches. It’s no surprise to hear that entrepreneurs can be vicious to each other no matter what the industry. I guess Facebook isn’t the only one who threw a co-founder under the bus on the way to glory.

  3. as i said to a friend of mine yesterday, when history is in the process of being made, it is also in the process of being rewritten

  4. I’m very touched by this post OM. But to be a big boy about this, and hopefully to help other entrepreneurs, if real estate is about location, startups are about execution, execution and execution.

    So if anyone is interested, here’s my take:

    I’m good at spotting trends and product ideas, because that’s what the skills of being an architect for 11 years give you when translated to tech (web companies should hire more architects, they are wasted on buildings). But ideas are two a penny, making them into businesses, the 99% perspiration, is what matters, and that’s where Jeremy Stoppelman has done a superlative job with Yelp. Yelp wasn’t my idea, even though I was looking at local too within the incubator Yelp came out of, in fact not sure Yelp was anyone’s idea really, it morphed as it grew. It was started on the premiss of: look Yellow Pages suck, dead trees, and worth more than Google ad market, it was always going to be about execution).

    Yes, Wists is like Pinterest, but there’s a difference, Wists is an obsolete piece of pre-Ajax, pre-SNS crap – written largely by myself (although originally and non-crappily written by Yaroslav Faybishenko) to teach myself to program, as amateurish as if I’d tried to lay a brick wall rather than do what I’m trained to – design it. Pinterest, on the other hand, is a good product – I shouldn’t have lost my nerve and maybe I could have gathered the resources to execute as well as they have, but that’s my fault.

    And yes of course it does hurt to be forgotten or not as successful as your peers, but if you believe in free markets and entrepreneurship as drivers of successful innovation – then this is what its about, its what I signed up for.

    My wife is giving me grief about the colander on my head picture, nobody gets to be a success looking like that. Hopefully I can prove her wrong 😉

    1. Yelp executives and investors are understandably too busy to read this and recall (or find out) who came up with the idea to focus on “local” and wrote scrapers analyzing Craigslist in the early spring of 2004, and showed the scraper data to Max.

    2. Great article that is completed by David’s reply. Refreshing self-awareness and honesty. Kudos

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