7 thoughts on “What Google was thinking when redesigning the new Google+”

  1. I quite disagree with you that the new Google format doesn’t look like Facebook. “Timelineified” is immediately how I described the format to others, and I’m not a fan of either one.

  2. “While Google still is a few years away from developing the human quotient of Apple, […]”

    WTF is this supposed to mean? Google has surpassed and absolutely put to shame Apple’s disgraceful overuse of skeumorphism, especially with the Google+ redesign. Why stop living in denial in the iSilo of Silicon Valley and simply face the facts that Google has beaten Apple on virtually all fronts? Software (undeniable that Android is more powerful than iOS), services (iCloud doesn’t even come close to beating Google’s various services), design, and even hardware (the Chromebook Pixel, which even Apple fanboys praised)?

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