2 thoughts on “What happens to MuniNets?”

  1. Heartland.org’s website says it is a proud member of Townhall.com which describes itself as follows: “Townhall.com is the first truly interactive community on the Internet to bring Internet users, conservative public policy organizations, congressional staff, and political activists together under the broad umbrella of “conservative” thoughts, ideas and actions. Townhall.com is a one-stop mall of ideas in which people congregate to exchange, discuss and disseminate the latest news and information from the conservative movement.”

  2. Thanks for this insight. What it has proven is that there is no clear-cut argument in favour of or against “taxpayer” internet access (this discussion often tends to be intertwined with “wireless access”).

    I used to be entirely against municipally provided or subsidised access, but there is a case for such services in otherwise non-profitable areas.

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