7 thoughts on “What Is Google?”

  1. i think google’s policy of allowing employees to spend one day a week on projects not related to their direct role, is a great idea.

    been trying to get my company to do something similar..

  2. If this is the interview from several months ago, there was a really great quote from it. Schmidt asks Rose:

    “Have you ever searched for your name on Google?”

    Rose says:


    Schmidt says:

    “Did you get more than one result?”

    Rose says: “Yes”

    Schmidt says (smiling):

    “Well that’s a bug.”

    I love that.

  3. I just saw the interview today on a re-run on PBS. One of the interesting things Schmidt said was that the next big leap in technology would come from this new era of always staying connected, user generated content, and about being able to communicate/share anything with anyone at blazing speeds. The interesting thing is that this sort of describes Yahoo’s current direction as they’re going aggressively into user-generated content and social networks, etc. Google is also moving in this area with Blogger, Orkut, Base, and Talk, but it seems Yahoo is betting more on the social web than Google.

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