6 thoughts on “Facebook IPO: Here is the best of the web”

  1. Couldn’t agree more.

    Facebook’s primary function is to feed our narcissistic and voyeuristic tendencies. It’s secondary function is to make money off of friendships and connections.

    Where’s the value for you though? Yes, it CAN be a great community building tool and it CAN be a decent way to find people but outside of that, again, where’s the value?

    Facebook’s value lies in the vast amounts of data the company gobbles up from people just like you. Unfortunately, even FB doesn’t know how to effectively use it, but marketers are chomping at the bit to get their hands on all that juicy data, so they can encourage you to buy things you most likely don’t need.

    FB fails at mobile, ad serving, privacy and most importantly making your life better.

    The next time you log-on to Facebook, think about how you’re using the service and how it’s making your life easier or more importantly making you happier. If it is, then by all means embrace the technology and disregard everything I’ve just said. But, if you don’t see the value take a step back to examine why you use the service. The internet is an amazing tool that allows us to get smarter and better at an unprecedented rate. Don’t waste it.

    1. Noah,

      In the world of rants, you just posted one of the best and most succinct takedowns on Facebook. However, I can say, connecting with old friends is priceless. 🙂

      1. Haha. Thanks Om.

        Connecting with friends and family is priceless and certainly has provided value to countless people’s lives. I wonder how long Facebook can monopolize that component of the internet?

      2. Depends on your definition of “connecting”. If through a superficial gratuitous medium like Facebook that requires no personal investment, then fine. I’d call it perfunctory connecting. Real connecting is talking to someone or meeting someone in person. The use of the word “connecting” has become so over-used as to become meaningless. According to LinkedIn, I am “connected” to over 8M people. Really? I guess there are layers of connections.

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