18 thoughts on “What Will Happen to the "Age of…" Game Franchise?”

  1. Bombshell. You have described my love for Age of Empires series. It’s the only game I’ve ever been happily addicted to. What a damn shame.

  2. So – what civilization was better – I loved the Teutons Knight and the Brits with their long bow. Also the Spanish mounted troops with guns were good. Age of Empires 2 was one of the best games EVER.

  3. Wow, 11 years. And it still runs. It is still fun. Little kids can lean about economics. We had a LAN party back in the spring here, and we played AoE w/ and w/o mods. Was a great weekend.

  4. Om,
    Wow. That brings back some memories. We were utter pimps against DeWayne and Nathan — undefeated if I recall correctly. My favorite AOE set up was to play Byzantine on islands, go Naval early, and pound the stuffing out of the land defenses with waterborne projectiles.

    Our secret, if I recall correctly, was one of us went offensive, while the other super fortified and built a Wonder of the World.

  5. @David

    Well now i can tell you – our secret is no longer the secret. haha! i played the game this weekend. it was so much fun. we should do an online play sometime. I might go and buy a PC for this.

  6. What a shame! I love Age of Empires! I lost so much sleep when I was younger staying up all night playing online getting my butt kicked 🙂 I might have to pull it out and play a game just for old time sakes!

  7. The news of Ensemble’s closure hit me hard, and now I too am waiting with bated breath to hear word of the fate of the AoE series. The sequels were all great in their own way, but the original AoE and its Rise of Rome expansion hold a very special place in my heart. I wasn’t much older than 10 when I first played it, so there’s a lot of nostalgia packed into those pixels. This was this game that got me interested in ancient history, an interest which endures to this day.

    My friends and I still regularly fire up a good long game of the original AoE at our LAN parties, and we still have a blast playing it. It’s a mark of a true classic when a game is still played regularly at LANs more than a decade after its release.

    It’s tragic that the developer of such a classic game – the first in a series with over 20 million sales to its credit – has ended up a casualty of Microsoft’s corporate agenda.

    R.I.P. Ensemble.

  8. What a shame, I was always playing these games and still do I am going to miss it. Unless a differnt company buys it and continues the series.

  9. I never played the first one, but my brother bought II and then got annoyed, as the whole family got addicted to it! I wasn’t so keen on Mythology, but Age III was quality. It’s an HD revisit of Age of Empires II that i’m holding out for though. I also enjoyed Cossacks very much, is anyone still making games like these?

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