4 thoughts on “What's Click-to-Call in Italian?”

  1. My only problem with Click to Call is… whats the point, instead of paying for a single call OR providing a reverse charge 1800/1300 service you are now making 2 phone calls from a centrally located server.

    Except in certain instances (eg Iotum Talk Now service with JahJa Or Ring2 conference server) I just dont get why people aren’t moving to the next generation of ‘Click’ services and moving straight to Click-to-Talk which uses the browser directly to deliver the call – I understand the Estara license fees for their Active X product was a little over the top, but with Asterisk based applications like the Mexuar Corraleta Java applet (www.Mexuar.com) it’s now at a price that anyone can afford and offers way more functionality than just delivering a call.


  2. It’s funny to read these lines and take seriously technologies that use the web (C2C) by calling over the traditional telephone network instead of VOIP solutions such as Skype, which doesn’t leave the Internet network when calling, PC for free and mobiles or landlines via SkypeOut.

  3. Comments on comments:
    Perhaps you would need to have been in the Click-to-Call/Click-to-Talk (first time to see a distinction drawn between the two terms)industry for many years, and understand business client needs, requirements, and limitations, to then be able to understand why using a browser to connect traditional telecom lines IS taken seriously.
    FYI – ZiffTalk.com has been providing a comprehensive, reliable, low-cost alternative Click-to-Call solution to eStara for many years and as far as we know currently has the largest number of independant business customers globally.

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