4 thoughts on “Microsoft IPTV – Now For The Big Push”

  1. I think it was already announced that Deutsche Telekom uses Microsoft TV. Heise.de (German Techportal): “[Der] IPTV-Dienst [der Deutschen Telekom] wird zunächst nur die Basisfunktionen der verwendeten “Microsoft TV”-Middleware nutzen […]”
    Translation: In the beginning the Deutsche Telekom IPTV Service will use the basic features of Microsoft TV Middleware.

  2. Reliance Infocomm has also partnered with Microsoft for its IPTV roll out in India. But this will take some time as Reliance Broadband is not making in-roads as expected.

  3. guys like me in chennai is waitimg n there r thousands n thousands of IT guys r also waitinto get out of the clutchwa of cables who fighting a war pl get us out

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