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  1. The Adsense of Video? Wouldn’t that really mean “contextual video”? The technology exists already–a script can literally “listen” to the audio track in a video and ads related to the words spoken in that audio track will appear on the web page.

    So, if someone mentions a pizza in a video clip, then an ad for pizza would display on the web page, right next to the video clip.

  2. Thank you for bringing up more attention to the scheduling problem today. Our new startup iPolipo is our take on the scheduling problem. With our patent pending solution, you can selectively expose available time slots to the other party via the web (in the form of a URL)

    Our goal is to help two people schedule meetings with less than two emails exchanged. Currently most of our users schedule meeting with only one email (or no email) exchanged.

    After an year of development and more than four months of controlled beta, the service is in public beta starting yesterday. There is a free trial and we welcome all feedback.


    Thanks again.


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