2 thoughts on “What's on TV? Online videos of course!”

  1. Other online content should include Skype as my parents (father mainly hates computers) but can enjoy his distant great grandson on a Smart TV. I have been putting up videos of the young man on YouTube which is also available but the onscreen keyboard is a nightmare (and if the remote has a fancy one I cannot see how, paper manuals, shesh) so I have designed a short tag and that works well; though remotely I am not so sure how much they actually use it.

    Its a top of the line Japanese Smart TV and to my suprise there is little else easily available as they do not have cable and indeed are probably not bothered about movies. It was a hassle installing the net as the TV was in the main room behind granite walls which the wifi could not reach, after a false start with national telco I purchased mainsborne (powerline) converters and to my suprise this works great.

    We were going to buy my Dad a tablet to go with the TV but having briefly investigated the UI am not sure that the silver surfer interface is quite there yet. Especially since they are quite content with their expensive upgrade as is.

  2. We are witnessing a revolution of tv viewers freed for the dictatorship of Cable Cos schedules. Viewers want to watch what they like(YouTube videos, movies on Netflix),when they want(call this timeshift viewing..) and where they want(mobile phone, tv, laptop).

    This may be the end of linear cable tv as we know it and a new paradigm where viewership is anytime anywhere through a broadband connection and a traditional yet connected TV set. Who would have thought that we would come full circle back in the living room with a TV set just like our parents.

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