13 thoughts on “What’s With The Japanese Names?”

  1. Reaching out to other languages isn’t a new situation other than with trade names, several companies can use the same name in different industries or product sectors. Domain names stress the system because that isn’t the case, there is only one XYZ.com.

  2. I think the name is “Kasayka”. I’m a Japanese, so it’s fun seeing Japnese words popping up as web-site names. But as you can see, even om would make a mistake and not notice when it’s in foreign words.
    Is “bento” taken? I think it suites for one of those AJAX homepages. It all looks like bento box arrangement to me.

  3. Yeah, this is crazy, pretty much everything less than 7 characters that’s just readable is not only taken but for sale and anything that’s close to having a meaning commands 5-digit pricing

  4. How about using Japanese English words (Gairaigo) instead? Japanese have adopted a lot of English, German, etc. words into their vocabularly. For instance, Japanese English words will sound the following way (English = Japanese):
    Hello = Haro, Device = Debaisu, Girl = Garu, Friend = Furendo, Digital = Dijitaru; Internet = Intaanetto, etc. Ask me more if you want.

    I guess, the best name will be a combination of English and Japanese (just somes shots):
    Happy Debaisu (Happy Devices)
    Smart Sentaku (Smart Choice)
    Digital Kokoro (Digital Heart)
    Furendo Network (Friends Network)

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